Please note the programme is subject to change

Presentation timings are as follows:
12 minutes presentation and 3 minutes Q&A for 15 minutes talks
25 minutes presentation and 5 minutes Q&A for 30 minutes talks

Monday 7 April


Solarium Room

11:30  STFC Town Meeting
J Womersley and G Blair
Terrace suite


Lunch and exhibition
Sir Edward Heath room

14:00 Welcome
P Stevenson - Conference Chair
Terrace suite

14:30 Studying neutron-deficient francium isotopes with decay-assisted laser spectroscopy
K Lynch, IKS, KU Leuven, Switzerland

15:00 Neutron Activation Cross-Sections for Fusion
A L Hay, University of York, UK

15:15 Beta-delayed Fission of 194,196At
V Truesdale, University of York, UK

15:30 ALICE Talk
Highlights from ALICE at the LHC
R Romita, University of Liverpool, UK

16:00 STFC, supporting your outreach
E Cunningham, STFC, UK

16:30 Poster session, exhibition and reception
Sir Edward Heath room

18:30 End of session


Evening meal

Tuesday 8 April



Chiral dynamics of light nuclei
E Epelbaum, Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum, Germany


Yrast 6+ Isomers of 136,138Sn at RIKEN and the EXILL Campaign
G Simpson, University of the West of Scotland, UK

Shape coexistence and charge radii in gold, thallium and astatine isotopes studies by in-source laser spectroscopy at RILIS-ISOLDE
A Andreyev, University of York, UK
10:30 Proton polarisabilities from Compton Scattering
J McGovern, University of Manchester, UK
11:00 Refreshment break and exhibition
  Parallel session 1
Astrophysics and light nuclei
Kent room
  Parallel session 2
Structure and reactions 1
Terrace suite
11:30 Measurement of 23Na(α,p)26Mg at energies relevant to 26Al production in massive stars  
J Tomlinson, University of York, UK
   Shape evolution of very neutron-rich Zr isotopes 
F Browne, University of Brighton, UK
11:45 Investigating clustered states in 9Be and their breakup yields through inelastic alpha particle scattering
R Smith, University of Birmingham, UK
  The 16+ isomer in Cd-96: Investigating the role of spin aligned proton-neutron pairing
P Davies, University of York, UK
12:00 Borromean ring properties in 22C
T Miyamoto, University of Surrey, UK
  Observation of the 114Ba→110Xe→106Te→102Sn triple α-decay chain 
L Capponi, University of the West of Scotland, UK

12:15 A study of 24-Mg using the alpha+20-Ne reaction
J Walshe, University of Birmingham, UK
  Spectroscopy of neutron deficient 73,74Sr
J Henderson, University of York, UK
12:30 Reaction involving 7Be
K Chhaya, Government Science College Chikhli, India
  Mirrored one-nucleon knockout reactions used as a tool to study isospin symmetry breaking in the f7/2 Region
P Davies, University of York, UK
12:45 Coulomb Excitation of 206Hg with AGATA at GSI
T Alexander, University of Surrey, UK

  ProSPECTus: A Compton camera for medical imaging
A Patel, University of Liverpool, UK

13:00 Lunch and exhibition
Sir Edward Heath room
  Parallel session 3
Kent room
  Parallel session 4
Structure and reactions 2
Terrace suite
14:00 The SPEDE detector
G O'Neill, University of Liverpool, UK
  Spectroscopy of 234U and a study of the 232Th(9Be,a3n) reaction mechanism
K Mulholland, The University of the West of Scotland, UK

Silicon detector in the ALPHA -experiment for antihydrogen detection 
J McKenna, University of Liverpool, UK
  Exploring shape co-existence in light Radon isotopes
S Gillespie, University of York, UK
14:30 Variable energy neutron sources
S Albright, University of Huddersfield, UK
  Towards a microscopic description of induced fission
P Goddard, University of Surrey, UK
14:45 At the forefront of mass measurement with the ISOLTRAP experiment at CERN-ISOLDE
T E Cocolios, University of Manchester, UK
  Nuclear matter response function with a central plus tensor Landau interaction 
A Pastore, ULB, Belgium
15:00 Measurements of the neutron-induced fission cross section of 242Pu
C Matei, National Physical Laboratory, UK
  Properties of infinite nuclear matter and neutron star matter with the Gogny Interaction
R Sellahewa, University of Surrey, UK
15:15 Digital energy and timing measurements using LaBr3(Ce) detectors
M Nakhostin, University of Surrey, UK
  Direct measurement of the half-life of the i13/2 state in 209Bi 
O Roberts, University of Brighton, UK


Radiometric and stereoscopic image fusion for use in nuclear decommissioning

J Dormand, University of Liverpool, UK
Core excitations across the neutron shell gap in 207Tl

E Wilson, University of Surrey, UK


Compton imaging with AGATA and SmartPET for DESPEC

T Hughes, University of Liverpool, UK
Study of high-K states in No-254 using the SAGE spectrometer

A Ward, University of Liverpool, UK


Refreshment break and exhibition
  Parallel session 5
High energy nuclear physics
Kent room
  Parallel session 6
Structure and reactions 3

Terrace suite
16:30 The "Heavy Photon Search" experiment: looking for Dark Photons at Jefferson Lab
D Sokhan, University of Glasgow, UK

  Investigating the "Beta-Band" in 154Sm with SAGE
C Barton, University of York, UK
16:45  The ASY-EOS experiment at GSI: Investigating symmetry energy at supra-saturation densities 
S Gannon, University of Liverpool, UK
  In-beam and decay spectroscopy of the neutron-deficient nucleus 173Pt
A Thornthwaite, University of Liverpool, UK
17:00 Resonance Production in pp sqrt{s} = 7 TeV pp collisions with ALICE.
G Lee, University of Birmingham, UK
  Sub-nanosecond Electromagnetic Transition Rate Measurements in the odd-odd Deformed Nucleus 176Ta
T Daniel, University of Surrey, UK


Measurement of the G double polarisation observable in pion production at MAMI, Mainz

R Macrae, University of Glasgow, UK
Competing single-particle and collective states in the low-energy structure of 113I

M Taylor, University of Manchester, UK


Compton scattering on the He Isotopes with an active target

B Strandberg, University of Glasgow, UK
Mirror Spectroscopy in the upper fp Shell with GRETINA

T Henry, University of York, UK


Open charm baryon (Λc) observations in pp and p-Pb collisions with the ALICE experiment

M Figueredo, University of Liverpool, UK
Lifetime measurements of high spin states of 180Os nuclei using the Doppler-shift attenuation method

M Mallaburn, University of Manchester, UK




Insight into the elliptical flow with isospin momentum dependent interactions

S Kumar, Thapar University, India


End of session


Drinks reception

19:30 Conference dinner - Restaurant

Wednesday 9 April


Test of nuclear overlaps at and beyond the neutron drip line with 8He and 10He
A Matta, University of Surrey, UK


ELI-NP: Status and perspectives for nuclear physics studies with intense laser beams and brilliant gamma beams
D L Balabanski, ELI-NP Science Team, "Horia Hulubei" National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering, Romania 

10:00 Proton emission from atomic nuclei
R Page, University of Liverpool, UK
10:30 Progress in light hadron spectroscopy
D Ireland, University of Glasgow, UK
11:00 Refreshment break
  Parallel session 7
Nuclear structure and reactions 5
Kent room

   Parallel session 8
Nuclear structure and reactions 6
Terrace suite
11:30 Nuclear matter with chiral three-body forces
A Rios Huguet, University of Surrey, UK
  Shape coexistence in the neutron-deficient nucilde 177Au 
F Ali, University of Liverpool, UK
11:45 Investigating the structure of 18-F through the study of the 14-N + α resonant reaction
S Bailey, University of Birmingham, UK
  Lifetimes of excited states in 112Te 
D Hodge, University of Manchester, UK


Indications of triaxiality in the neutron-rich rhenium isotopes

M Reed, Australian National University, Australia
Intermediate spin structures in the rare-earth nucleus 159Yb

J Wright, University of Liverpool, UK


Valence neutron occupancies in the stable Sn isotopes

D Sharp, University of Manchester, UK
GEANT4 Simulation of the SAGE Spectrometer 

D Cox, University of Liverpool, UK


Simultaneous conversion-electron and γ-ray spectroscopy using SAGE: Preliminary results of an in-beam study of 253No 

A Mistry, University of Liverpool, UK
Gamma-ray spectroscopy of neutron-rich isotopes approaching doubly mid-shell 170Dy

Z Patel, University of Surrey, UK


Equation of state experiments at RIKEN with the SPiRIT time projection chamber 

W Powell, University of Liverpool, UK
Yrast Structure of 207Pb above the 13/2+ Isomer

C M Shand, University of Surrey, UK


Sir Edward Heath room


Impact of chiral three-body forces in medium mass isotopes 
C Barbieri, University of Surrey, UK


Radioactivity metrology at the National Physical Laboratory
S Judge, National Physical Laboratories, UK


Nuclear-matter properties and neutron-star structure with unified equations of state

A F Fantina, Institut d'Astronomie et d'Astrophysique, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belguim




Refreshment break


End of Conference

Poster Programme

P.1   Nucleon and Baryons densities in heavy ion collisions at 1, 2 and 3 GeV/A
M Almalki, National Center for Mathematics and Physics at KACST, Saudi Arabia

P.2   The UoYtube charged particle veto array at JYFL
J Henderson, University of York, UK

P.3   Lifetime Measurements of Excited States in the N=78 isotone, 136Ce
T Alharbi, Almajmaah University, Saudi Arabia

P.4   Radiation tolerance of ultra-thin PIN silicon detectors evaluated with an MeV proton microbeam
N S Abdel, Lund University, Sweden

P.5   Progress towards the production of 236gNp standard sources
C Larijani, National Physical Laboratory, UK

P.6   Activity concentration evaluations of the Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) across Northern Kuwait
N Aiazemi, University of Surrey, UK

P.7   An assessment of natural occurring radioactivity levels and radioactive equilibrium of 238U(226Ra) and 232Th (228Ac) decay progenies from Kuwaiti soil using gamma-ray spectrometry
A Bajoga, University of Surrey, UK

P.8   Sub-nanosecond Lifetime Measurements of Excited States in 184Re Using combined HpGe-LaBr3 Coincidence Spectroscopy
L Gurgi, University of Surrey, UK

P.9   LaBr3:Ce Detectors for use in Fast-Timing Arrays
C R Nobs, University of Brighton, UK

P.10   New Excited States in 158Lu
C McPeake, University of Liverpool, UK

P.11   Spurious finite-size instabilities in nuclear energy density functionals
A Pastore, ULB, Belgium